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Louise has a Green Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos viridus) plant in her garden. The flowers grow in compact heads of up to 15. They are light green, long tubes, covered with dense hairs and open at the tip with six claw-like structures. The plant’s name "Kangaroo Paw" is derived from this paw formation.


Kangaroo Paw Flower Crochet Pattern

 INSTRUCTIONS: for the flower crochet pattern


Yarn: mohair yarn in colour A= green, cotton thread in colour B= orange, colour C=green.

Crochet hook: 1.75mm, 2.5mm

Details of components:

–         green, hairy tube opening at the tip in 6

–         6 orange anthers on green filaments.


Start: using A and 2.5mm hook, make 5ch, join with sl st, 1ch,

R1: work 7sc and continue in round for 5cm

R2: work 10st

R3: work 12st

R4: same; R5: same; R6: same;

R7: (7ch, turn and continue on the side of chain with 1sc, 2hdc, 3dc, skip 1st and back on the base with sl st)x6.



Anthers (6pcs.)

Start: using B and 1.75mm hook, make 3ch, join with sl st, finish off. Make 6.


Start: using C and 1.75mm hook, work on the inside of the flower, in the last row: (make 5ch, attach an anther with a sl st and turn back with sl st, connecting the anther to the flower with 1sl st)x6. Finish off.

There it is! The Green Kangaroo Paw Crochet Flower !


All photographs and crochet patterns instructions are the copyright of Meli Bondre. All patterns are for your personal use only.


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  1. Ann says:

    I am loving these flowers.

  2. Barbara Harper says:

    Your work is so wonderful – good luck with your efforts to keep it up for a year. You have made me smile!

  3. Camelia says:

    Thanks, Barbara 😉

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